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Leah uses her gifts to assist others through personal counseling. She is an “energy adept” and gives lectures, workshops, seminars and demonstrations. She has students throughout the United States, England, and Canada.

Her recently published book, Gypsy E.T. contains channeled information from Krista “Ja Bar” Ahmen, a.k.a. Leah Stansell, “Sensitive” regarding the concept of oneness and spiritual instruction.

Leah has also assisted the police as a psychic investigator, she is a “sensitive”, meaning one who is both a telepath and an empath. She is also a channel for numerous spirit guides to include:

  • Ahmén, Leah/Krista’s Oversoul/Parent
  • Josh, Assistant Keeper of the Akashic Records
  • Dr Tiel, Psychologist
  • Tia, Astrologer
  • Mishna, Intergalactic Whizard (Leah/Krista’s Mentor)
  • Ezeckiel, Assistant Energy Recorder of Cosmic Energies
  • Anton, Facilitator of the Andromeda Galactic Council (Leah’s home galaxy)
  • “Ja Bar”

A gifted “Sensitive”, much of Leah’s material is information derived from extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional sources. 

UFO Review, September 1992 

“A gypsy, a planet, an extraterrestrial, are all ‘wanderers’, as are we all.However, it matters not how far we wander, we are all created from the loins of the ‘Great Is’, and we are One.” - Mishna “Whizard”

Leah’s sensitivities have been used to help others through personal counseling, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations across the country. Consciousness Frontiers Conference at Northern Virginia Community College – Sterling, VA 1995

Leah/Krista and the Guides wish to thank you for your energy and attention as you have pondered and meditated upon Gypsy E.T. We sincerely hope that this offering assists you on your journey.

As my father, Ahmén said to me before I began this assignment, we say to you with affection: “You are much like Dorothy, about to embark on a wonderful journey. Stay on the Yellow Brick Road”.

Blessings and Grace, Leah/Krista and Guides


Retreats @ The Inn at Mountain Quest (Frost, W.Va)


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Monthly Class Schedule & Seminars

Upcoming Seminar: March 28, 2020, Glen Mills, PA.

March 2020 Monthly Spiritual Class Topics: Variety Of Topics 

Time: March 14, 2020 2:00 - 4:30 PM

10716 Hollywood Glace Road
Union, West Virginia 24983

(No Teleconference Option for February Class) 

Teleconference Line (For those unable to attend in person): (712) 775-7270 / Access Code - 867438


Discussion: Love leads to Wisdom // Karmic Connections // Other Items Of Interest To Be Chosen By Leah and Class Participants

- Donation - $12.00
- For those attending in person payment is due day of class.
- For those attending virtually, payment must be made via check and received prior to date of the class.

Make Checks Payable To:

Leah Stansell
10716 Hollywood Glace Road Union, West Virginia 24983

* NOTE: This class is NOT recorded and recording is not permitted

Upcoming Seminar: March 28, 2020, Glen Mills, PA.

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Leah is Available for Consultations
Price is $70.00 or $85.00 an Hour (Pro-Rated If over 1 Hour & 15 Minutes). 

Price is Dependent On Leah’s Location

Contact Leah @ (304) 536-3576 For Additional Information

Price for Monthly Spiritual Class is $12.00
Contact Leah @ (304) 536-3576 For Additional Information

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